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writer: sqgaoyongcom           time:2018-04-16 13:49:10

Siyang high and young medical supplies Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of elastic bandages and other medical dressings, the company is committed to elastic bandages, post-partum abdominal tape, gauze, mask dressing and other type of medical equipment production and processing enterprises, products exported to South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other countries, the quality of the products met national and international standards, the quality of products and services received foreign investors positive and praise.
The company has about 50 employees, 14 professional technical staff, the total area of the company 3,500 square meters, 30 square meters laboratory, 1,200 square meters production workshop, 300 square meters warehouse. Main production and other medical equipment products. The corresponding production equipment, inspection instruments, warehouse and management equipment should be provided with, meet the requirements of medical equipment production, acceptance and storage.